About this website

This website is two things,

-A vitrine for the In Mandala group of artists.

-And  a free online publication of a book: le Livre des Vivant ("The Book of the living").

It came to me in a dream, a waking dream, where diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 23 and lasting these past 13 years, I have found my mind often wondering in the dream world, which have given me connection to the spirit of the Earth. I was there given the opportunity to access some of it's truths, and decided it was my mission to relate them here.

The Universal truth is what is most important in our world of men, as a group we are looking for our collective uniting reality (truths) to create the world our children deserve. 


The book of the living is a series of 7 scrolls (or books) that have the following titles:


Book 1 : 

The Search for Love and Self

- A dreamers search for self unity -

Book 2 :

The Last Chance Magic Potion 

- A look in to how lucky you truly are -


Book 3 :

Epiphanies and Other Notes

- An example of note taking -

Book 4 :

The Enlightened Capitalist Manifesto

-  The Responsibility of the Enlightened -

Book 5 :

Quitting Cigarettes Journal

- The most addictive drug in the world -

Book 6 :

The Urban Jungle 

- An Illustration of fears and dreams -

Book 7 :

A quick Study of the world of Men

- 26 articles necessary for a spiritual understanding of the world we live in -

A french Filipino, vision of what success is, and summary of what is important in a human life, a balance between our entertainment and our responsibilities. 

It believes everyone can go to Heaven.

It is a piece of the puzzle.... It is designed to get you there.

Emmanuel Valenzuela d'Aboville

© In Mandala Art

Metro Manila